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As I Posted on my Twitter, right now i have 4 OS in my Home PC. 1.Vista, 2. XP, 3. Windows 7 &  4. Ubuntu. All as upto date as possible. I was using Vista today, was facing too much problem with Automatic DailUp Network Connection Problem, its keep popping up, as my Fiber Signal was distracting simultaneously.

Its too annoying. I don’t use Dial Up, Actually its not because Windows Default connection setting, Its happening because of Default Vista Feature , Here comes solution for any such problem.

Solution 1:

Turning off unnecessary Vista features could significantly speed up your computer.
Here’s how to turn on and off Vista Features:

1.  Click on the Start Button

2.  Click on Control Panel

3.  Click on Programs

4.  Click on “Turn Windows Features On or Off” under the “Programs and Features” section.

5.  The Windows Features window will appear.  Your Windows Vista features will be listed, with a small white box beside each feature.  If there is a checkmark in a box, then the feature next to that box is enabled.  If there is no checkmark in a box, then the feature next to that box is disabled.  Click on the boxes to enable and disable features by changing whether or not there are checkmarks in the boxes beside those features.

6.  Click on OK

Solution 2

General Method

  • Right click My Computer icon, choose Manage/Services and Applications/Services
  • In the right pane, select Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and double click
  • Use the Startup type drop box and choose Disabled.

Extended Method

1. Go to Start>> Run. Type in: services.msc [Enter] or click OK.
2. The “Services” window will now be displayed.
3. In the right pane you will notice an alphabetical listing of the services.
4. Scroll the list to find; Remote Access Auto Connection Manager.
5. Once found, double click it. You will notice a drop down menu next to “Startup type:” .
6. Open this dropdown menu and select “Disable”. Click OK to exit. Exit the Services window.

Image Cutesy to  Matthew Elton

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