Social Profilr: Fix For Technorati

I was looking at Bill Crosby’s Twitter Traffic Machine. Then i visited Bill Crosby’s Blog, Then i noticed a wordpress plugin he used. Its name is Social Profilr. Its a cool Plugin for now-a-days. socialize

I started using it instantly in my this blog, then i find out few bug. No#1 is Technorati thing was not working. It was taking to a wrong page.
Here is Fix For It.

Go to Plugin Editor(in wordpress admin panel). Find “socialprofilr.php” click to open it. Search for this line ““. Just replace it with my fixed new line ““.

Now Configure the plugin from its control panel with your required credentials. It will be up and running.

BTW get this plugin from main site: Social Profilr

Check out this blog’s new Socialization Sidebar.

Thinking about making some WordPress Plugins, as my Company‘s begin to code in wordpress well. Today i was talking to my new developer Jamal, he wants to start working on Plugin and i already have few thoughts whats i want to see live. May be we would code some socialize Plugins soon.

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