How To Find Server OS From SSH Commands

This is a very very basic tips for ssh command. When you enter into a new system or a old system of your own, and need find its Operating System (OS), version, hostname and that type basic info then this very basic command will help. Again its very basic, and everybody have interest or planing to work on server should know.

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To Find very basic OS and Server info:

#uname -a\
This is the most basic and most working command. Some geeks guys explain it like their “first point of reflex” when they enter into a new server. This command works in most OS, like all builds of Linux, Mac etc.

To Find OS Details In Ubuntu

#lsb_release -a

This will show details a bit details Version info of Ubuntu.

To Find OS Details(CentOs or redHat)

#cat /etc/redhat-release

This will show detail OS version details in CentOS or RedHat Linux.

I will keep this tips very basic. There are hundreds of command that gives details server info.

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