Introducing Alo – Server Probe

Alo- Server Probe

Let me introduce this tiny lightweight Server Probe – Alo! It gives you details information of your server. It helped me a lot in past many years, I am releasing it in OpenSource now under GPL license.


I am using this script for many years. It was based on a old chinese script, but no apparent English version, and not been updated probably in 5 years. Sure you could run “top” in the server or many other command to get lots of details, but in case sometime you want all in one place, and in more organized way, then Alo is really helpful. As I just begun testing and deploying PHP7 in our stack, I find out my old version does not work with PHP7. So, last night I had to update it to make it work in PHP7. So, this time I decide to release it to the world, maybe it will serve you as it did me.


What’s This Any Way?

If Server Probe sounds weird to you, take a look at live demo.



Screenshot 2016-03-02 13.17.12


Cool! Now Could I Test It In My Server:

Sure. Get it from here –

Download – Shortcut:

Run the following command in the directory where you want to keep the file, like “public_html” or “htdocs” roots. But you could rename it from anything other then “alo.php”.

[syntax type=”html”]wget -O alo.php[/syntax]



We are also live at PH, give a heads up if you are on PH.


How-To Use:

  • 1) Copy the “alo.php” file to your server webroot
  • 2) Now access this file directly in your browser, if you copied in domain root, the link might be



It’s recommended to rename this file to something unique so only server admin could access the report.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why it’s called a script, not a program or app?

Answer: I choose to call it script, rather then program or app. Check this discussion here.



If you find it helpful, and have an improvement in mind, you are more then welcome to send pull request. All bug, issues should be submitted to GitHub as well.


What Does “Alo” Means:

Its a Bangla (my Mother language) word. Means “Light”. Is not it very cute?


Photo Credit:

The original photo used here is actually from my “Muir Woods Trail” – Mill Valley, California. So, credit goes to me! (ahem)

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