Scribe SEO Plugin – Need To Spend Too Much Time, Money & Energy

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I was reading an article by Julie R. Neidlinger on WPDaily about Scribe SEO Plugin. First of all, thanks to Julie, for an honest review. I think if you need to spend that amount of time and money for SEO, it’s better to hire expert. It’s not for normal blogger or site owner. Market research guys could get benefit from it. But not average to even mid user.

Though I always advice that writer needs to learn how to write SEO friendly article. SEO should be blend in writing, not entirely focusing to get rank better in Search, but focusing more on making sense, help people in finding content, understand content and overall to help reader.

Scribe  Content Optimization Software for Online Marketing

But starting price from $97 USD per month, its way too high for even mid-level site owner. And the amount of time need to put for this process it’s not suitable for a dynamic project, maybe better for corporate static site.

Just my 2 cent. No offense to Scribe. You guys definitely made a wonderful market/SEO research tool.

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