Code Freeze Your WordPress Dashboard: Introducing QuarantineWP

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I just released QuarantineWP, it lets you Code Freeze your entire WordPress Dashboard, so no change could be made. No Admins will be able to install, activate, deactivate any plugin, or Authors won’t be able to post anything via Gutenberg or Elementor or even Classic Editor. It will be helpful if you are migrating to a new host or just need to keep your site locked down, so no change could be made.

QuarantineWP - Code Freeze, Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress
QuarantineWP – Code Freeze, Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress

So, during this Coronavirus(COVID-19) quarantine period, I am trying to be more productive, and looking and old pending plans. This QuarantineWP is also one of the other hundred(could be little less than a hundred, not but very far) pending plan I have in my Evernote to-do list. There used to be a plugin, that lets you lock your entire dashboard, I used that for all migration or anything where there are more people who could change a thing that will be lost. But that plugin is not available anymore, so I made a plan to create QuarantineWP, to serve that purpose.

What is QuarantineWP? And What is Code Freeze?

Let’s consider you are migrating a WordPress Site, or you are doing something where you do not want any database change or any new plugin installed, how to you control this when you have multiple admins or authors? The best way to deal with it is via ‘Code Freeze‘, halt entire WordPress so no changes could be made.

I created QuarantineWP specifically for this purpose, its a pretty simple and straight forward plugin, once you install, it put entire WordPress Dashboard is ‘Code Freeze’ state. Here is what you can’t do

  • Can’t Post
  • Can’t Install Theme or Plugin
  • Cant Edit Post or Pages
  • Can’t write in Elementor
  • Can’t write in Gutenberg Editor
  • Can’t write in Classic Editor
  • Can’t edit any Plugin files
  • Can’t update any Settings
  • Can’t add User
  • Nobody could Register
  • Can’t update Theme or Plugin
  • No new comments could be made

It’s mostly won’t let you do anything, as long as you don’t disable “QuarantineWP“. Check the full details in Plugin Directory.

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