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TTL Safari 9 - 5 (2)

I was suddenly looking at, one of my dream site and supposed to be on going project. But we holded its development for better design and feature, today I seen this site has visitor and has 2 Google rank for Keyword “Ishurdi”, I did SEO for it at the beginning.
Today site looks so pale to me, so i decided to add some photo temporary basis. We ware previously gathering photos for this site. Few people from Ishurdi, mainly Journalist helping us, Press Club is another helping hand, but those photos i have in Office, i am in home now, so was looking online for free usable image. Then find out some great Bangladeshi Traveler and Photographer, They do PhotoBlog too. I mailed them for permission of using their image . They are great people. They are working by their own and showing Bangladesh t the World. Heads Up for Theme.

Here are few Rocking Traveler and Their Photo Blog Link

Ahmed Sharif
Great Photographer but he mostly like to call himself traveler. He doing lots Photo-walk, first i thought its a funny thing, then i realized. He is great man and got permission from him about using some of his picture.

Fahim Hossain
Nice Photographer, he seems a great traveler, I found his photos of various places.

Saud Faisal
Saud’s Blog
He seems much interested in heritage. His black & White Photo is just awesome.

Ariful H Bhuiyan
Ariful H Bhuiyan’s Travel and Photography
He is just awesome, mind blowing. He wrote also. I cant resist myself to post one of his photo.

TTL Safari 9 - 5 (2)

No Copyright violation complain please Arif Bhai its all yours, i am just fan of this and lots other picture.

M. Miran Hossain
Amar Ayna
We read at Notre Dame Collage Together. He is mind blowing photographer. Bust Of Luck Buddy.

Neaz Ahmed
neaz ahmed blog
He seems much of a PhotoBlogger then Photographer. Because i find he posted mostly ther people photo, not his own, but he has got nice collection in his blog.

Kamrul Hasan
Kamrul Hasans weblog
He seems a bit abstract Photographer.

Another wonderful Collection from Photo Exhibition
Click Here


Update: January 27, 2014

Ashif Anam Siddique
He is my dear friend and amazing photographer and he writes too.

Tanzir Ahmed Shuvo
Another close friend of mine. One of the most talented and passionate photographer I have seen. He even almost left this Medical profession for photography. And he is also father of an amazing daughter.

Fahad Abdullah Kaizer

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