Alexa Toolbar: Must Have Tool For Webmaster

All Webmaster must have it, even normal people could have it, it shows WebSite ranking and page rank, it could help anybody to understand about visiting site. And it’s not like annoying toolbar, it just show rank at the very bottom of the browser, it does not make browser slow. Its a must-have tool for everyone. Just try it on. BTW its great for SEO purpose.


This post is obsolete now, as Firefox discontinued Addons from version 57!

Here is details and direct download linkĀ from Alexa. And yes you must have Firefox. But I think all webmaster already got Firefox, the only webmaster with mac use Safari still. They should try Firefox with Alexa Tool bar, it’s really worthy.

“Sparky” – The Alexa Toolbar for Firefox

Screenshot of Sparky

Get Download Link From Below With Feature List.


  • Related Links: Find sites that are similar to the one you are currently visiting.
  • Traffic Trend: A sparkling showing Reach over the last six months.
  • Reach Meter: A neat little indicator that shows the site’s Reach.
  • Enhanced Search: Shows Alexa Rank Indicator next to search results on Google, Ask, and Yahoo.
  • Traffic Rank: Shows the current site’s Alexa Traffic Rank.

Get Sparky <!–Get Sparky

Direct Install Click Here

*System Requirements: Firefox 2.0 or newer.

Making a better Internet

Alexa could not exist without the participation of the Alexa Toolbar community. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the Firefox and IE toolbars each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community as Related Links, Traffic Rankings and more.

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