Pathao – To Be The First Bangladeshi Unicorn Startup & Tanveer Ali!

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Though it’s kind of early, but I’m kind of certain Pathao is on track to become a Unicorn (Startup to reach $1 Billion valuations) in next 2-5 years, and possibly the first one from Bangladesh, and the sweet part it’s entirely homegrown, and by serving just Bangladesh!

Besides the amazing and growing team, one person who is very special for this growth is none other my good friend BASIS SoftExpo 2017, I organized a “Startup Adda”, in that panel, I had a good conversation with Tanveer. He spoke in details why after having opportunity and experience in investing anywhere in the world, he invested so much in Bangladesh. He has a very diverse portfolio of startups he invested internationally, and his investment in Bangladesh is very exciting as well, including but not limited to in G&R, ChaldalMindfisher Games(maker of Heroes of 71 & more to come, looking at their CEO Zamil Rashid ). And this list is actually very long and growing very fast!
Tanveer, belated Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work man, even after knowing you so closely, I still wonder when you sleep, and how you could maintain so many things! Maybe you have Watchman type superpower! 


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