We Have Done It! 1 Million Facebook Fans!!


The Dhaka Times

The Dhaka Times crossed the One Million Fan Mark in Facebook!

It took us almost two year (22 months to be exact), but we have done it! So proud of the Team, you guys have proven the impossible! With such a little resource and super ambitious dream we survived the rocky path. Though it’s maybe just half-way, but that’s a solid base. 1 Million Fan, 15 Million Facebook Reach, Almost 50 Million Hits – I can’t dream anything better in terms of distribution for a self-funded startup!

My heartiest gratitude to my team – who believed in me, thanks to our fan – who pushed us to the boundary, and love to my friends and family – I could never keep going without all of you!

It was a hard path, the path ahead is not going to be easy too. Biggest challenge we have to solve – making it financially stable, and deliver far better quality content, touch life and improve quality of life to our people though content and information that matters. We created the base, lets solve rest of the puzzle. Its the game of life!

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