All Pictures From Sundarbans are FAKE!


All those pictures you see from Sundarbans are FAKE. Some are Photoshopped, some are from Hollywood movies, like few are from Jurassic Park, some are from movie Avatar, and rest are just Oil Paintings. In fact there are no Sundarbans in Bangladesh, we hardly have few বাঁশ ঝাড়, but Biggest Mangrove Forest Sundarbans in Bangladesh? No way! There might be something in India, they are the big country, they should have everything!

Try to think, its even good in some ways, all the people living close to forest, now they don’t need wood to cook food, they could just use those water as fuel, super easy solution!

If you are blaming Govt, Related Minister, Political Parties, you are just like our same traditional opposition party. You need someone to blame? Blame me, blame yourself, blame all of your friends.

Now we care about Sundarbans? Now you want Royal Bengal Tiger in the forest outside of Zoo? Do yourself a favor, change the channel, its that easy now. Move on and forget.

Lets fight on whom to blame, and what pictures are Photoshopped. And please sue me for using those FAKE photos!

*** সবই সত্য, Fake না। আমাদের সরকার, মন্ত্রী আর ক্ষমতাবানদের আচরণে কষ্টে লেখা এটা। একে বলে Sarcasm! Confused থাকলে দেশের মধ্যেই তো, যেয়ে দেখে আসেন কি ভয়াবহ অবস্থা! ****

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