My Recommendation For Achieving A Market Share Of Billions Of Dollars

Shameem Bhaiya asked, “What’s your recommendation for achieving a market share of billions of dollars?
I answered this way –

If you look at what Me and our type of founders have done in the past 15 years, it is building products for evolving sectors, from WordPress to Joomla, Shopify to Big Commerce, and at the same time also the service industry globally. I do see we are just a few steps back from the tipping point. We need a few things to grow 10X –

1) Start Leadership training for the Founders

2) Create opportunities for the Entrepreneurs to explore and mix with global communities, which goes with their area of business

3) BITM gets involved in creating and nurturing mid-management

4) Start soft-skill training for the entire industry, use govt funds like SEIP to conduct those, BITM should play a pivoting role not only facilitate those, but also handle the train the trainers part too.

5. Directly connect with the University and coordinate mainly to create awareness and motivate 1-3 year students about the future billion-dollar prospect of the Software Industry and how our local company is ready to welcome them.

6. ⁠BASIS should play a major role in promoting local companies that are extremely successful so do not seek funds (so less coverage, as we only cover companies who do not earn enough, lack funds, and are still unsustainable)

7. ⁠We need to find a way to promote our Star Founders, Star Engineers, and people from all spectrums in IT in a grand way so people recognize them as national stars if we want our kids to continue to keep building this country for the Dream 2041, we need to inspire them. Otherwise, leaving the country is the easiest thing to do, and it will become widespread, almost like what happened to Malta or all European Countries just after they joined the EU and embraced the open border philosophy.