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I love Today they announced a new service called RapidPress. It’s a hosted WordPress solution, with domain and other necessary service. As a WordPress lover I also like to see more people built business on WordPress, making it easy for people to blog and make website. But probably for marketing in a way insult Automattic, company behind, which I don’t like. Keep reading for details.


If you head over to the RapidPress home page, look at their “FAQs” section, specially question number 6.

Question: But is free to use..

Or is it? Pointing your domain to a site is free initially. But what if you wanna change your font, maybe your background of your template, or install a cool widget in your sidebar? Just like a bad phone company, WordPress will hit you with fees anywhere from $13 to $60. And we’re pretty sure you’ll see an ad on your site you didn’t put there.

With RapidPress, you can have a fully personalized domain name with none of the ads or fees and all of the bells and whistles. All at less than the cost of your daily beer budget (or ours anyway…)

You are building a product over WordPress and trying to call them “Bad phone company”? Really? To note Automattic is the company behind while WordPress Foundation is the organization holding copyright for WordPress open source project. They are two separate company but still most of the employee from Automattic are the major contributor to the WordPress project. And Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress is also the co-founder of Automattic, and he is also the key person of the WordPress Foundation. So insulting is in a way insulting WordPress Foundation, may be not directly but still I don’t like the tone.

So what is RapidPress?
It is specified WordPress hosting with domain name. They claim it’s truly one click. So installing WordPress for your domain seems to be very easy with RapidPress, and it gives you freedom of using any WordPress Themes and Plugins available in It costs yearly $30 USD with domain, hosting support everything. Not bad.

My Thoughts:
Their website does not say anything about allowed traffic, how much traffic they will handle with basic price, and if they have any other higher package. Also their structural information like if they offer CDN or what kind of caching mechanism is available, none of those information is availabel on their site. So from my point of understanding it’s a very basic service. You cant expect to have Millions or even hundreds of thousand traffic in a month in this service. They should have made it clear. But still its seems an easy start for most of the people with basic need.

Whatever, with time we might have better idea about how it really works. But I feel they should change that language.

Update: Changed FAQ (March 21st, 2013) did what good guys supposed to do. They took this thing seriously, they mailed me today, informing they are changing their FAQs, effective immediately. They also mention it was wrong to slam WordPress in this way as they also love WordPress and Automattic. Check their changed FAQs.
Love you guys.
Here is screenshot for their changed FAQs

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