WordCamps in 2018

 My WordCamp Plans for 2018

Welcome to the year 2018. Like last year I am planning to attend several WordCamps this year. I will share my plans in this sticky type post and will update with time.

In past years I have traveled a lot to attend WordCamps in various places. At the beginning, I was traveling alone, but in last few years, I was blessed to travel with various people, groups. It was an interesting experience. But it was a bit closed, so I always shared my planned upfront only with my selected friends, few closed group where I have like-minded WordPress people. This year I decided to share it openly, so anybody from WordPress community or my followers could plan up front. You don’t necessarily have to plan to travel with me, plan your trip as you like, I am happy if I am able to convince at least some of you to travel, and attend a WordCamp!

So far those are the WordCamps I am looking forward to attend, the list will update with time, but those are so far my finalized plan for first Q1 or 2018.

1) WordCamp Udaipur

Date: January 27-28
WordCamp Site – https://2018.udaipur.wordcamp.org/
I will kick off my WordCamp year in 2018 with Udaipur. I took a 1-month break in December, after attending 4 consecutive WordCamps in 3 months. Expecting a great trip. So far the plan is to travel by Train from Dhaka – Kolkata. Then fly to Udaipur, and in the return trip will visit Delhi, and planning to visit Taj Mahal in Agra!
Update: WC Udaipur Done, really enjoyed. Here are some of the updates from the WordCamps

2) WordCamp Bangkok 2018

Date: February 17-18
WordCamp Site – https://2018.bangkok.wordcamp.org/
I missed last WC Bangkok in 2017 for an unavoidable circumstance, won’t want to miss this year. After the WordCamp, I will probably spend 2 more days in Thailand, I have been to Krabi area before, maybe this time will travel another part of Thailand.
February 14, 2018
It seems like we will be a 8 people team attending WC Bangkok together!

3) WordCamp Kathmandu 2018

Date: March 17-18
WordCamp Site – https://2018.kathmandu.wordcamp.org/
I am Speaking  – https://2018.kathmandu.wordcamp.org/speaker/m-asif-rahman/


I missed last year, unfortunately, due to a friend wedding exactly on the same date. I am a speaker this year. Sadly this WordCamp date contradicts with WC Mumbai, so I have to miss Mumbai, which I would have attended otherwise. I am curiously looking forward to meet all the people in WC Kathmandu, I heard so much about them, and knew few of them already. I probably will spend few more days in Nepal, as this is my first time visiting this neighboring country( I know its hard to believe that I have never been to Nepal!).



4) WordCamp London 2018

Date: April 13-15
WordCamp Site – https://2018.london.wordcamp.org/


This is in the very early stage of planning, I would love to attend WC London for the first time, I heard about this community a lot in past WC Europe. Lets see how the plan unfold with time.


***WordCamp Europe 2018

Date: June 14-16
WordCamp Site – https://2018.europe.wordcamp.org/

As described in my last year WordCamp Europe post on my company blog, I will not be able to attend WordCamp Europe this year. I still thank the organizer team for their kind words, but still, me and several others will not be able to attend.

You could find my last year WordCamps here and all of my WordCamps here – https://masifrahman.com/wordcamp/!

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