I Am Attending WordCamp Asia (If It Happens)

I know most people are very confused about attending WordCamp Asia at this moment because of Corona Virus! [Latest – Canceled]

Update: It’s canceled lately! Read!

I am going to attend with my Team WPDeveloper and many fellows Bangladeshi Friends(with tons of Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian and friends from every corner of the world) if the event happens.

I have the utmost faith in Naoko Takano (the Lead Organizer) & all other super remarkable Organizers, they will only organize the event if it’s safe for everybody, they are a very mature and responsible team and much much passionate human being than most of us! If they feel it’s ok to organize, I will not think twice! Let’s all hope the virus situation gets better, no more lives lost, and we all could attend a fine event!

I know planning is a little hard at this moment, but you see this is a crisis to the entire humanity, we have to act strong and act together. Keep an open mind, prepare for last-minute planning. Have patience, organize as much possible, if you could confirm a booking later, keep that option open, but don’t cancel just yet!

Keep your eyes at those resources to stay up to date about the latest situation –

Twitter – https://twitter.com/WordCampAsia

Facebook –


Main Site – https://2020.asia.wordcamp.org/

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