[How-To Guide] App Store Disappeared From iPhone? Get It Back!

Cant find App Store in your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad? It could be any version of the device. And you really cant find App Store even in Spotlight Search? No Clue?

We have solution for it, Lol! Its weird situation, with easy solution.

Cause & Solution:

Its actually happened for you. User must have altered the setting in Restrictions. But no worries, easy solution.

You go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions

Turn Off Restriction on Installing Apps. You could keep restriction on Deleting Apps

You should have got App Store Back, its might be on the last page of the Home Screen. If you cant find it yet, might try rebooting your device. You will get it now for sure.

So, No worries, every problem has solution. Even if it seems normal problem but for those it happened once, they know how weird and frustrating problem it is. For God Shake, in your iPhone you dont have App Store, how come you install install center itself?

I hope it will solve and stop all confusion.

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