Good Guys From ThemeForest: Best market Place For WordPress Premium Theme


Most of you guys already know my Ultimate WordPress Theme Site And rising Automated WordPress Theme Directory Because of those 2 sites super growth my revenue generation from those 2 site also increased. One of our main source for Revenue Generation was from Premium Themes from ThemeForest. It was all going fine till November. But from November it went down drastically.

I was looking at this stat for some time but due to my super busy routine, various schedule and for my laziness it took me about 3 months to understand some thing in there end very wrong. So i contacted them 2 days back. My both site is huge traffic site and has lots click, but almost no sales. They replied my ticket with very care, i did not know them personally beforehand. First 2 support manager and system engineer replied me then i come in contact with their CEO Collis Ta’eed, he is actually CEO of Envato Market Place. He is very nice guy, they investigate this issue with care and come to a solution. They also listen to my point. I got a nice solution. They credited my account. Envato is really a classic market Place.

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