Google Chrome OS: Upcoming Fastest & Rocking OS


Lots of us looking forward for Google’s Chrome OS. Google has release its source code. There is no official ISO or released version. But anybody with Ubuntu or Linux could could get source code and follow instruction to make his own iso.

This OS is fast, it rebuilt the idea of Booting. It could boot only in 4 sec flat. Its a browser focused OS.

I will write more insider about Chrome OS later, tonight having too much headache, which i am not much familiar. Check out some of my reference link i found.

Chrome OS Project Home PageHere

Running Chrome OS on Virtual Box

Chrome on Dell Mini – Here

Download ISO of Chrome OS by hexxeh – Here

Instruction to Run From USB in WindowsHere

Get Image Writer for USBHere

Getting and Building a Chromium-Based OS Here

Check Some Google Chrome OS Screen Shoot – Here


BTW you could download those YouTube video using my simple site Process is easy, whenever you are in any youtube video page, just put 101 before youtube like If link is “” to download just make it thats it.
And at last check this new cloud computing focused browsed based OS, called gOS means good OS.

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