Decoding Encoded WordPress Theme Footer

Intact Encoded Footer -Old
past footer

Changed Decoded Footer – Now
Try this only if you have rights to do that. Few days back i got license and note from Ophelia Nicholson, who designed this blog, so now I am allowed to change the footer. I already did this, Read the post here

So here is how to Decode Encoded WordPress Theme Footer

Process 1.
In site’s theme folder find index.php, then find the line that says <?php get_footer(); ?>. Above and below it add special text like this:

<!– Encoded Code Start –>
<?php get_footer(); ?>
<!– Encoded Code End –>

Now visit your site as normal, view page source ( in Firefox Right Click Select -> View Page Source), and copy the HTML between those two markers. Now Find the footer.php in your theme folder, select all existing junk encoded code and replace with the copied code. Remember to insert the before tag.

Simple & Easy.

Process 2.
Use this site, paste your encoded code and decode to base64
Visit –

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