Online Shopping in Bangladesh: Too Much Phone Call!

I love to do most things online, and for shopping in Dhaka we have several options. I just checked in my Chaldal Dashboard, for past 36 months, I am their regular client, ordered at least something in every month!

Too Much Phone Call
Too Much Phone Call

But I don’t order much from many other shops, it’s mainly because of one particular reason – “Too Much Phone Call!”

In almost every shop or site or page, they will call at least for those
1) to confirm an order
2) when the product is ready to deliver, they will call again, which could take anywhere between 2-10 days
3) the delivery company/guy will call to make sure if I could receive when he is planning to come
4) the delivery guy will call again if he can’t find the location or need confirmation about the address
5) then he will call again from downstairs, at building security
6) there could another extra call from the main shop to find if everything was ok or if I have any feedback!

You see, I hate phone call, I can’t just take 5-6 random phone calls for a single order. I pay online, so my order is already confirmed, I mention separately that my house and office could always receive my package, my presence is not needed. Still, this does not work, they still call. I also have pre-written instruction for my home and office address with Google Maps link, still, the delivery guy wants to call. I even mention what to press in the lift in the order! But no luck!

This is a huge hassle for me, the only way I could deal with it is not providing my number, put the phone number of somebody else from my home, or office.

My experience with #Chaldal is different, they don’t cause much pain, it’s super smooth, they even know our house very well, but for the rest, it’s a big problem! I think this needs proper attention, otherwise, us, who mainly spend money online, won’t be much attracted. For me even ordering from AliExpress is easier, the only issue is too lengthy shipping time.

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