Cricket Is Just A Game, Don’t Take It Too Seriously!


Cricket is the only game that I care, that I’m passionate about. Still this is just a game, and you should never take it too seriously. But we, as a nation, as a generation, do take it too seriously, which is very very wrong. I have publicly wrote about in past writing again. It’s game and there will be always win or loose situation. Pushing it too much as representation of a country is wrong. Maybe I am too young for such a profound philosophy, but I have this understanding also for my team, Bangladesh Cricket : The Tigers! For past 20 years we have seen how unpredictable games could be, and how hard it could be on your emotion if you consider it more than a game. And see one statement is still true for past 20 years – ‘We have long way to go’!

Bangladesh is fine team team, very good indeed, and surely we could beat any team in the world, and could also have some record breaking series win as well. We are lucky to have some true World Class player in the lineup. But when you see day’s like today(which is also not unique, happened many times, in every format), you got to realize, we really have long way to go!

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