Automattic Acquired is My Idea

Yesterday I got this notification from Matt, that owner company Automattic now the owner of He posted in his blog about this acquisition. It’s great to know that they could come to an understanding with Yahoo guys.

Now Matt throughs out that domain to us about what to do with it now, but in this meantime, is now redirected to

Here is My Plan about what to do with

#Start a classy email service, you could offer free email service to those who already have account with that username.

#Make an all-in-one WordPress and Automattic portal on its homepage. Like, make a platform, a single platform so people could access email, account, Infos, and all link + download section of

# Also on home page an easy to access all other stuff from Automattic, like BuddyPress, bbPress, and all other projects.

# Extended the news section, with something like and post exclusive news not only directly related to WordPress but also about this internet industries. We could also make something like which could grab buzzing news from our whole network of, I think there might be some legal way to do this as like google doing worst with its news section.

And any more suggested, 😀 I also had some more tips to give, but time is short now, it’s already 04:52 AM here.

But if you people agree and our goal is projected, I think we could try to compete with the internet king with this itself.

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