Adda With Asif: Adda 00 – Rashed Moslem


Welcome to the very first Adda of ‘Adda With Asif“. Today I had the pleasure to have Rashed Moslem as my first guest.

Rashed Moslem is one of the co-founders of Chorki & Ghoori. He has about 8 years of experience in MNC like Qubee, bKash, and now very vocal about Digital Marketing & Ecommerce.

Rashed recently started a new initiative called “Startup Youth  Forum”. Today’s Adda was mostly about his new initiative and about my plans with “Adda With Asif”.

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As it’s not a formal interview, so I will share some of my findings and key points of today’s “Adda”.

Why “Startup Youth  Forum”?

Rashed was kind of fed up to see how Bangladeshi startup communities lose direction after a certain time. And how nothing is very well planned and really meant for helping young startups in long run. He feels the value of really good contents and sharing knowledge is very important. With the new move in his life, leaving the day to day operation in Chorki, and start working at SSL Wireless, he felt it’s the right time. The experience he gained in past 2 years especially forming and running Chorki, he thinks he could relate our Startup Community better than before.


What is SYFTalk?

Startup Youth Forum Talk is called as SYFTalk(pronounced as Siptalk). It’s Rashed’s first approach to create good content that the community will get the benefit. He will talk about semi-formal meaning with entrepreneurs from various industry and will try to bring out their story, the success, and the failures. But it does not mean he will host all the episodes by his own, there will be different host in each episode. He will try to bring someone from related industry to the person SYFTalk is interviewing to host the episode.

SYFTalk will happen in seasons. He has the first season all planned up. There will be 8 regular episodes in the first season, in addition to 2 special episodes. So, in total Season one will have 10 episodes. We will see one new episode in every other week.


Watch the First Episode of SYFTalk 

List of announced guests of Season 1

  1. Anisur
  2. Ishtique Sarwar


What else might we see from Startup Youth Forum in Future?

  • There will be more contents for young Entrepreneurs.
  • There could be some workshop to help Young Founders.
  • There should be lots of collaboration with other existing platform and initiatives.
  • The website will always keep improving.


Why Another Forum?

Actually, that’s the first question I asked. We have too many Facebook Groups in Bangladesh. And especially on the same topic (Startup), we have DSE, Startup Bangladesh Cup etc. So, why another, what’s the point? In Rashed’s description, he feels there are some disconnects in the present forums we have. It’s mainly because of lack of proper plan and execution. He is planning everything practically, he has a good team which he could rely on, his work-life balance is fine-tuned now, so he really has the luxury to spend time for Youth properly now.


Some Interesting facts:

In each Adda I will try to share some interesting finds from that Adda. Here is what I found interesting about Rashed.

  • Both of us are almost exactly the same age, 32.
  • We went to same University in almost same time but never knew each other from University.
  • Rashed used to be a part-time wedding photographer, and he did it professionally for 2 years with few more crew.
  • He kind of has an infatuation on E-Commerce Industry.
  • Never used before joining SSL Wireless! 😀
  • He feels he learned a lot from his job at Qubee, bKash & Chorki.
  • He dreams to work for any high-growth consumer brand and serving a key role.
  • But he doesn’t want to be engaged in the job for very long!

Adda with Asif: Rashed Moslem
Adda Location: Cafe Mango, Dhanmondi

I have known Rashed for awhile. I wish him success. I feel he will make notable changes in his tenure at SSL Wireless, to the key products under his arm as eTunes, The SYF has true potential to get a better shape and gain more pace with time.

Thanks Rashed, until next Adda!

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