December 21, 2012 ! What Gonnay Happen?

I had no ida abt it before yesterday. I was collecting upcomming movie trailer as my habbit. But then i found a new movie flick. Roland Emmerich’s  2012 which gonna release in 2009. This nice trailer but the thing got my attention at the end of the trailer it dont show any web address like other trailer. But it shows


First without testing i thought, this name obviously have some significance. They might got that keywords’ first rank. But while I do the search i find out this keywords ‘2012’ symbolize much more.

I become interested in it. Lol, dont think me like i am superstitious or religious. I am none of them. More ever who ever know me, they already know, i love Super Heroic type movie, with super extraordinary power. Sci-Fi is my another choice. Like Independence Day is one of my most favorite movie.

I am also very much interested about Bermuda Triangle and Mayan mythology from my child hood. My interested is always in various matter and very broad. Once upon a time i studied lots on my favorite topics. Now with the flow of time, i hardly got time to read my bank statement and financial papers. But still i do study in topics of my interest.

So What About December 21, 2012?

This date actually comes from Maya calender. Then there is some lots explanation. I have to finish up my study in this, so i will write more later, i dont want to express small knowledge.

Right now it seems, people have believe that in this day some thing unusual will happen with Human being and earth. May be Good, Change in human life or total destruction. There is lots different theory, everybody have some point to believe. I have to study more about that.

BTW one main thing is i dont believe in  fate. We live by our own, we do work then comes result. Fate and luck is just depends work.

Some resource could be use to study

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