Windows 7: First Look And Download Link

Windows 7

Here Comes Official First Look Of MicroSofts Future Operating System. It will replace Vista In Future. And It seems MicroSoft learns some leason after such critisism Vista Recieved.

Its Code Name is Windows 7, MS usually announce real name just before final release and it seems yet long way to go. From my consideration its a Post Alpha. Lets see how it roll, i am prepairing one Mechine to test it.

See Feature List, Here

Its Resource Post For Windows 7, I am really interested about this OS.

This is the Build distributed at the Microsoft PDC 2008!

Windows 7 released and became world most used OS, you could buy it from any local shop or all online store.





CPU: 1.5 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

HDD: 12GB Space in Installation Drive

Screen Shoot:

Slide Show:

News Update:



Engineering Windows 7

MS Link

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