Rocking “Flurry” & email Account Problem Solved

“Flurry” Nice Free Mobile e-Mail Client

I am using ti for long time, its nice, its fast, its usefull and Its Full Free.

I always use it while i am not infront of PC or Laptopee. Yesterday i was in university, as usual checking email then i realized Flurry not updateing or refreshing the inbox.

Today i findout Flurry released new updated version of it, its called Flurry Plus!

Its updated and awesome.

But problem i faced when i found out Flurry changed there way to use and login. Now there is account option with unique user name option, i tried to login to my normal user name, so called renounwed Asif2BD, bt it seems no account here, then i made new account bt cant recover my gmail account it keep showing error – ” email account already in use under diffenrent account, Please login to your account”

I tried hard to resolv it gone to there support and forum, come to that solution.

If u using Flurry earlier then this latest version ur that main email account that u generally check through Flurry is still under use in Flurry. ALl u have to do is go to Flurry main website – , try to login to ur that email account with full email and password(email password), its requered as previous version of flurry use email and password infos only. Then it will show u that now flurry need to create account user and diffenrent pass so make one.

Just create a new account, login, check ur account page – u will see ur that email is already in use in this account, now just update Flurry from ur mobile, login to this new account, then check mail, check Feeds also.

Way to go Flurry, Thankx.

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