Making Site Map, Robot.txt, SpeedUp Indexing

 Making Site Map, Robot.txt, SpeedUp Indexing

Last night submitted to search engine. But i understand it will took a while to index it and be available to be search in google, yahoo. SO here i step to make sitemap and speedUp processing.

So first needed to make a account to Google webmaster site. Link here:

Then verify account by uploading a simple html file.

Then make a sitemap. No one dont need to know coding. Just use this free tools

Make ur own sitemap witin few min.

Upload it to server, on public_html or highest level where main file hosted. Show it via google webmaster option. Actually for mine it got verified within 10 min. Bt as our that free online tools will allow only 500 URL so u cant include more in index. Yet i am not sure google bot how works. Bt i thing without sitemap rest links will also get crawled.

BTW i hav another awesome tools by which i could make full sitemap. i needed it as i am abt to index xxxK link in index.

Yet google bot intered into my site abt 25 times. Now its 5:30 AM abt. SO lets see what happens. How long it takes.

Cya All

Just a Edit:

Just find out that sort of tools for yahoo also.

U could check search engine, indexing. if u need to check in yahoo then use this.

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