Paris, Orlando, Dhaka – Do You Think It Really Matters?

Paris, Orlando, Dhaka - Terrorism, Dark Force

So, let me ask you all few questions that could have came into your mind already.

1) People got killed brutally by terrorist in a nice posh bakery, which was located in safest location in town, so you should stop going to any good restaurant?

2) As this incident happened in Dhaka, you should consider Dhaka risky, not safe anymore, and consider leaving it?

3) Massive shootout and massacre happened in city like Orlando, which is generally considered to be very safe and tourist friendly (one of the most tourist visited city in the whole world), so you should consider Orlando as risky, not safe to travel or live anymore?

4) Those terrorist in ‪#‎DhakaAttack‬ came from good family, studied in good academic institute like Scholastica, NSU. So, now you should consider Scholastica, NSU are making those type terrorist? Should you look at all their students differently?

Do you think it really matters? Do you think you could be safe because it did not happen to your city? You could be surely safe in other place or other restaurant? Students from other institute could not terrorist?

Now it’s time to realize it’s about the whole God’damn Planet! Nobody is safe, no place is safe. The victim could be anybody, and scary part is even the terrorist could be anybody from any background. It could be your brother, could be your friend, your son, your neighbour.

Stop blaming each other, unite or the dark force, the terrorist will soon kill you in your own backyard.

Image Credit: Dan Carlson from Unsplash

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