Review Of Interstellar: Without The Spoiler!



Today I had the opportunity to watch ‘Interstellar‘ in a special production cut version. Though it was a kind of raw 35mm screening but as its before premiere, I was delighted!

The movie will hit all major theater here in US from this Friday. I don’t want to be a spoiler of any sort. But if you don’t have much clear idea abort Special Theory of Relativity and how the world will be if we could handle Time as any other dimensions then this movie will not make any sense to you. But Nolan is super high ambitious and tried to stay in the world described by Albert Einstein, Nolan also portrayed a smart way describing things we don’t understand clearly so far like Blackhole and Singularity.

I will probably watch it few more times after it releases in 70mm IMAX 3D.

Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment

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