Anger Makes You Blind & Clueless!


Sohag Bhai once said “If somebody calls you by name (ex. son of something etc), you should not get angry. Try to think in this way. He is calling you that, there could be two reason, 1) Either he is blind or 2) he is mad. How could you doubt yourself, if you are human or not! Maybe you should feel pity for that person, because for any of those two reason its his/her misfortune!

Today seen an sad example how ego and hot temper could ruin something super great. When you are super angry, your blood is boiling for whatever reason, you will even won’t get a clue that someone is not your enemy and maybe he wants to help. The situation what you could have controlled completely in your favor, if only if you would try go beyond your anger and ego.

Sometime we need to give it a moment, instead of act instantly give it some time, clear head, and think in both way, in many ways. And people are suppose to learn this when they grow up beyond a teenager. Its not acceptable anyhow in a mature person. And its actually not a matter of what I say or others accept, if you are that arrogant, others don’t have to do anything you will eventually ruin everything for yourself.

Peace, guys! Let’s not act childish, and learn from example. Keep calm and control your anger!

Image Credit: keepcalm-o-matic

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