Now I’m Making $378 Million Dollar Per Second!

Make It Rain

Yea, now I have $1,025 Billion, and increasing at $378 Million per second Automatically in “Make It Rain App”!

Installed 1 day ago, while I find out its top free app in App Store, even over Facebook, Google Maps. Spend like an hour, made enough virtual investments, now its increasing automatically @378M/Sec!
I am really amazed how some game could be very simple but super addictive, at least for 2-3 day for a none-gamer person like me.

As usual there are like hundreds of clone already. Here is link –
iOS –
Android –


1) Invest wisely, don’t spend too much in political investment.

2) As I dont have time to keep sweeping, I did not invested much on increasing note value.

3) Invest wisely, when your auto earning is better, change your device sleep time to “Never” and go out or do some real work, for a awhile. Like right now, I am making $1,360B+ per hour automatically.

4) When you have enough money, invest some in Political sector, specially before reaching a milestone like $100B. So you could get rid of FBI.

Have fun!

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