Weird Facebook Hacking Attempt


Somebody tagged me in a Facebook status, which links to a pastebin which leads to massive disaster. Autotagged bunch of my friends, and auto followed lots of junk stuff. I immediately deleted all those comments, untagged everybody, unfollowed, and reported everything. I changed my pass, enabled all possible security.


Please dont click on any of those link even not out of curiosity. Check You Facebook Security page, look all active session under “Active Sessions”, if you cant recognize any device, Change Pass and End Activity for that and all unrecognized device session.

My Account is safe now. Please stay safe. And my apology for this. I should not have clicked in the first place. But at least learned the lesson. Now you could learn. Stay safe.

Link to that Facebook Status . (Don’t try anything. Just report that “Status”)

Link to that Pastebin (Again dont try anything, your account will get hacked)

Bangla Coverage – The Dhaka Times

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