Introducing UniServer WPReMix

UniServer WPReMix is a portable local server for Windows Operating System, which comes prepacked with WordPress. Its a simple zip package, you just have to extract and run, you will get a fully configured WordPress installed and ready for your test or local development. I made this to make things super easy for new WordPress developer. Its light weight, and no more server and port configuration.

UniServer WPReMix

WordPress Configuration:

# Configured with WordPress 3.6
# WordPress Default Theme Unit Test Content
# Default WordPress Standard Unit Test Settings

Server Configuration:

# Apache 2.4.6
# MySQL 5.5.33
# PHP 5.4.19
# phpMyAdmin 4.0.5

And all other things you get with UniServer


License: GPLv2
If you are wondering its based on UniServer, which is based on WAMP and licensed in the Apache way.


Portable Server:

1. Download & Extract

2. Put the “UniSrver” in a root drive, like C: drive or D: drive. Don’t put it inside sub-directory.

3. Run “Start_as_program.exe” or “Start_as_service.exe” to start server.

4. Start both Apache & MySQL

5. Now Visit “localhost” or “http://localhost/” from any browser.

WordPress Details:

# Access WordPress Home at – http://localhost/wp/
# Access WordPress Dashboard at – http://localhost/wp/wp-admin/

The WordPress Logins and MySQL Database details are inside in the Readme.txt file.


1) Banglaশুধুমাত্র ওয়ার্ডপ্রেসের জন্য পোর্টেবল লোকাল সার্ভার! (Thanks to Raziur Rahman)


# This is just for testing purpose locally. Please change all password and DB info immediately.
# Though its very easily possible to make this server accessible externally, but I dont recommend that.
# As a safety measure I have disabled the bot access and Search Engine crawling.

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