[Alert] Advertisement Purchasing Scam

First seen the report by blogger Ruchira. Now I also start to get emails containing subject “Interested in Purchasing Advertising: site address“. Here I will share details of the proposal, why its sounds bad, and surely bad and why you should not fall for it.


First take a look at one sample mail that I received specially for this blog

Subject: Interested in Purchasing Advertising: https://masifrahman.com/

Sender: Evan Coller

Mail Contents:


I need this type of placement could you do this?

1. We will provide php file with plugin source code
2. Webmaster will need to FTP to root folder of blog, then open folder wp-content/plugins
3. Webmaster will need to create folder ‘footerlinks’, then enter that folder and upload php file that we provided
4. Webmaster will need to log into blog admin area, click ‘Plugins’ in left menu, click ‘Installed’ in submenu, find plugin named ‘Footer Links’ and click ‘activate’ link
5. After that links will appear at the bottom of the blog like here http://www.reallyrich.com/about see our links in footer.Very simple work just 1,2 minut only,Our links show on your old ABOUT PAGE.

i can give you $175 for uploading our php file for 1 year time period only.

Let me know are you agree if you agree then send me paypal id please.

Waiting for your Answer


Ruchira explained his point why we should avoid this type proposal in his blog. I generally get about 10+ emails per day to buy text link from some of my site, so I put a filter to remove those mails from my email box. Paid Text Links is just wrong in SEO sense, specially after Panda update, it will eventually harm both site. Also consider those very basic points.

1. Here sender wants us to put his plugin into our server and install a plugin he provides. This thing is very risky. You should be always very careful about installing anything in WordPress other than from WordPress.org. All good and legitimate plugin should have been in Extended, its free, why would some body not host his plugin for free in WordPress.org extended? That is the first thing you should note.

2. 2nd, this sort of Link Advertisement is harmful. Google will surely penalize you for sure sooner or later. This type of ads will harm both site.

3. He claims to pay $175 afterwards. So he will have enough time to hack the entire server (yes, it’s very possible, if that php file has shell script then its just easy as 1 2 3). Even if he don’t hack your site, he will have one year to spam all of your page. And showing advertisement of common spam drug selling or casino site’s link. It’s as dangerous like hacking your site.

So stay away when you get this sort of mails. And this $175 for one is already very poor proposal (Note: I don’t have any ads on this blog), but some guys could get intimidate. That’s why this Alert post.

Image Credit: epSos.de

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