Meet M Asif Rahman

Adda With Asif

Let’s Meet!

As a process of my retirement, I am starting to offer about 25% of my work-hour for community and voluntary work. To manage time properly, here is easier way schedule meeting or calls with me. There are 3 options for the start.


Direct Phone Call

Call could be 15 Min, in average. It could be phone call, or Calls in Whats’App, Skype or Messenger!

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Lets have an Intro!

This is best for introduction. One-to-One phone or video call, to understand our background, and where we could focus.

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One-to-One Meeting

Let’s sit at my office, have a good coffee, talk in details for 30-min in average.

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Let’s Talk in Details!

Let’s have a good conversation, talk in details, find how we could help each-other and I could add values.

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Adda With Asif

Lets have a depth conversation, and we call it Adda With Asif!

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In-Depth Conversations!

Let’s take the conversations deeper, this could be 1Hr or more, if schedule permits. This could be recorded as well

Adda With Asif

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