This is my personal blog, and as you could see it does not have any ads (have affiliate links, read privacy details). I love to help people but my job and life responsibilities give me little room to spend much time to answer people individually. So here I will share how you could get free help.

Need Help?

WordPress Related:

1. Basic Hosted WordPress Plugin, Themes & Functionality Related Issues:
You should visit and search in Support section. If you can’t find your solution then you should post a new support thread yourself at the section your problem is related. There are millions of developer and user who will surely help you for free.

2. Related Issues:
If you have any issues related to your blog, you should check for solution and support at

3. Support for My Themes and Plugin:
If you need support for any themes or plugin me or my company made you should first use support forum and you could also contact us at

4. Issues Related to Any Free & Premium Themes:
If you face issues and need help about free themes but which is not from, then you could ask for help in my WordPress Theme site, fill the form here – .
* Things to note: we could charge depending on level of support you need.

Need More Help?

Even still if you need more help, directly from me then keep reading

Getting My Direct Support:

As explained, I am too busy to provide free one-to-one support, that why I have shown possible free resource where you could find help. If you still feel you need my one-to-one consultation, fill-up the contact form.

You could get one-to-one direct phone conversation with me via the widget below

I Could Help You With…

If you follow me in this blog or in various social network, you will understand I could help you in the following things –


  • Investment, check my profile.
  • Startup specially related to social media, ecommerce, mobile apps, WordPress related service, web application and anything challenging new.
  • High-end WordPress Installation
  • Caching & Optimization
  • Web & Database security, specially managing and securely storing user data.
  • Server for High Traffic Dynamic Site.
  • Cloud Server, NGiNX, Any Linux environment.Revenue Optimization for existing web property.
  • Revenue Optimization for existing web property.Improving traffic from in-page SEO, also I do
  • Improving traffic from in-page SEO, also I do consultation with organization on how to produce SEO friendly content.Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media StrategyMarketing for literally any kinds of project
  • Marketing for literally any kinds of projectIf you have free or premium Mobile Games
  • If you have free or premium Mobile GamesAnd
  • And anything related to WordPress

Only For Students & Young Entrepreneurs:

Only for students and young people need advice about your venture I have one dedicated office hour in each week. Its entirely free, but require schedule at least one week earlier.

This is closed for now. Check – ‘Adda With Asif‘!


Stay in touch. Enjoy life.

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