Adda with Asif

Welcome to ‘Adda with Asif’!

What is ‘Adda with Asif’?

I enjoy speaking with people; especially with my fellow EntrepreneursStartup Founders, Developers, Specially WordPress Developer, Marketers, Evangelist, Investors, Business Guys or even travelers. And I do that very regularly. For past few years, I have given very dedicated time in this initiative. I am calling this initiative as I started this in very planned manner. Now with “Adda With Asif” I will share this journey with the world.

Adda” is a Bangla word, I don’t see any proper English word for it. It’s kind of gossip, but no rumors. It’s kind of informal discussion, dialog, and mostly used when you hang out with friends. I picked this name to keep it informal, but a kind of discussion that comes from the heart.



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