About Old

Who I’m?

My name is M Asif Rahman, nick name “Asif”.

Read My Semi-Autobiography

I was born and raised in Bangladesh. I grew-up in northern-west parts of Bangladesh, specially Ishurdi and some other districts. I moved to Dhaka to attend Notre Dame Collage. I did my B.Sc in “Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering” from North South University. And lived in US, mainly in Orlando, Florida area for few years.. Now I live in Mirpur DOHS, in Dhaka, Bangladesh and have office here. But if you have come to know me from New York, or California (both SF and LA) or even from Melbourne, Australia, don’t get confused, I did also spend significant time in all those City/State in last 7-8 years. Yes, you got it, I travel a lot.

What I Do?

I recently retired, at an age of 34. Before the retirement  I was CEO of weDevs. I am also Founder CEO Of ARCom. I’m creative developer by nature and business person by profession. I am Entrepreneur and I love helping other young Entrepreneur, and I do invest too.

I do whatever I love, like
* I work closely with WordPress Foundation. I am big time WordPress Enthusiast, and in love with WordPress since 2004.
* I do code sometime. Started with Unix C, now verity of web related language. You could find my plugins under “WordPress Goodies“.
* I travel, a lot.
* I read, I am kind-of bookworm by nature. I specially enjoy Astrophysics, Einsteinian Relativity, Quantum Physics, Genetics. I do also love science fiction, and reads a lot of business reviews.
* I am “big time” movie buff.
* I love music. Check my SoundCloud.
* I am gadget lover, technology freak.
* I do love a lot of other stuffs including Stamp Collection, Movie Collection, Bike Riding, Hiking, Foods etc etc.
* I do love taking pictures too. My Flickr & Instagram.
* I also attend and speak in various conference. Check my Lanyrd for my upcoming events.
* I do invest too, check my Angel.co profile.

Me & WordPress

I am WordPress Enthusiast. First I started using WordPress in 2004. I fall in love with WordPress immediately. Since then I am with WordPress. I do contribute in Core, my company work mainly in WordPress, we have made literally thousands of sites in WordPress, developed hundreds of themes and plugin, and released few for free in the WordPress.org Extended. I do speak in WordCamps worldwide, help in Genius Bar(Named as Happiness Bar too), I do help in organizing WordCamps and Meetups in several cities.

What You Will Find In This Blog

As the title of this blog says I share “How I See The World” on this blog. I share what I learn from everyday life. I cover various topic. Specially I share solution and talk mostly about those topics below –

1) WordPress

I write about WordPress a lot. You should already understand my love and involvement with WordPress. I write about best practice, solution to common issue, how to solve some bugs and also about Caching & Optimization in WordPress.

2) iPhone

I love iPhone, owned literally each and every model Apple ever released. You will find basic tutorial about iPhone to make best out of it. You will also find some advance tweaking involving Jailbreak and Unlocking.

3) Bangladesh

I am proud Bangladeshi. I talk about Bangladesh a lot. Nothing political or related to religion. Mostly all you should care and feel from your “Patriotism”.

4) Travel

I am a vivid traveler. I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel various countries like Australia, America, India, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Germany and few others. And plan to have a Wold Tour in recent year.

5) Movie

I am big time movie buff. I love and share my thoughts about Superheroes, action films, science fiction.

To Contact:

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